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  1. Your Health safety 
  2. Connect Farmer/Producer/Manufacturer to Customer directly
  3. Give better financial benefit to Farmer/Producer.
  4. Adulteration Proof System

A mission on Healthier Future.
Diseases like cancer, BP, Sugar and other serious illnesses are on rise. One of the important reason is chemical, antibiotic and pesticide usage in vegetables, fruits and milk.
I request you to think before what you serve to your children. At this stage your awareness towards food would make them much healthier adult in later stage of life.

For Sudh Desi supplying fresh and healthy stuff (with Prana) is most important priority.
These are our services

-- *Fresh raw* Desi Cow *A2 Milk* (keeping cows very happy is very imp for us). 
-- Naturally grown Vegetables and Greens
Sudh Desi grows greens (without chemical and pesticides) and uses some vedic rituals like Agnihotra.
-- Ready to Ripe Fruits or zero chemical fruits - Sudh Desi supplies fruits (ready to ripe) which can be ripened at house naturally.
-- Wooden Cold Pressed Cooking Oil - Freshly extracted on-demand.
-- *A2 Milk* based dairy - on demand freshly made on demand.
-- Sudh Desi gives more money to farmer than market 20-50%.
For Sudh Desi it is most important to provide everything freshly made or plucked or produced on demand. Its not like traditional business where production keeps on happening and going on shelf in Mart or Big Basket.
-- At last traceability of products, from where it is coming, is now a days become need of hour. So We love have customer visit our production / gaushala / field etc. We keep on inviting customers for the same as weekend leisure time.

Return/Refund Policy : We give 100 % Refund for any damaged or spoiled item.

Cancelation Policy: In case due to some unavoidable circumstances customer has to cancel the order, company checks on issue and take the item back.

Subscription/delivery policy: Subscription based products are delivered timely basis.

​Sudh Desi
शुद्ध तो स्वस्थ
Purity is Priceless
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Founder - Santosh Kumar
(After working for 16 yrs in IT and Finance in many countries, back to India for making a difference in lives of our people)